Polyether PU Hose



Polyether PU Hose

Product Characteristics

Gas use

1.It is resistant to hydrolysis and microbial degradation.

2.Ultraviolet resistance up to 3.5, anti-ultraviolet, yellowing resistance

3.Wear resistance, tear resistance, tensile resistance, high impact strength and tensile strength,

good aging resistance

4.Wind erosion resistance, low temperature winding resistance, in low temperature environment,

buckling winding is stronger than general grade PU hose

5.Strong resistance to oils and non-strong solvents

6.With the same conditions, compared with the general PU hose, more durable(longer), and more beautiful

Polyether PU Hose

Applicable Scope

It is suitable for equipment and outdoor facilities such as damp, water accumulation, underground pipeline, etc. (including mildew production environment). It is suitable for working environment of oils and non-strong polar solvents.

Product Specfications

  • water
  • air