TPU Braid Hose



TPU Braid Hose

Product Characteristics

Gas use

1.Use excellent TPU raw material, high pressure resistance, low cold resistance, soft and high elasticity even under -20℃ temperature;

2.The hose can withstand higher pressure than ordinary PU tube for it is weaved with polyester that can using for longer time;

3.High quality TPU material characteristics, light weight, wear resistance; Lighter and more wear-resistant than rubber; good flexibility, soft and not easy to tie a knot.

4.The hose is smooth and uniform, operation feel is good;

5.Temperature range:-15℃~+60℃;

TPU Braid Hose

Applicable Scope

Applicable to pneumatic assembly, furniture, house, car and automated paint system;

Product Specfications

  • water
  • air